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AES School Objectives

  • AES strives for excellence in academic instruction in a dual curriculum (American Curriculum in English Language Arts, Math, Science and special subjects, and Jordanian National Curriculum in Islamic Studies, Arabic, and National Studies). The school shall endeavor to maintain or exceed the academic standards of California Common Core State Standards of Education as long as these regulations do not conflict with the philosophy of the school or the Jordan.
  • The school shall encourage students to adhere to the moral standards set forth by Jordanian culture, and to support and nurture the child in spiritual growth and commitment.
  • Rollout and implementation of the moral education program and ensure our students are encouraged to have the highest level of moral education and practice.
  • The school shall adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by Jordanian Ministry of Education.
  • All curricula taught in the school shall be under the direct supervision, authority, and approval of the School Executive Director and will be reviewed on regular basis.
  • All curricula must be thoroughly sequenced and integrated within the grades, from section to section, and across grade levels in an ascending order. Curricula used in each class shall be documented, organized, monitored, and maintained by the heads of department(s) or curriculum coordinator(s).
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