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American Excellence Schools (AES) admits students in line with the Ministry of Education regulations and AES admission policy. AES prides itself on an admission policy that does not discriminate against any child or family.
AES is open to students of all nationalities who have the ability to access a well-rounded education system offered in English as a medium of instruction. AES has limited spaces for children with special educational needs. AES does not have the provision for children with complex and sever learning disabilities and disorders, such as but not limited to, Autism, Dyslexia, and Dyscalculia The priority in admitting students is given to those who are capable of coping with our curriculum.

At AES, we expect our students to have:
• Determination and motivation
• Excellent academic performance
• Positive conduct
• International mindedness

Admission Criteria

American Excellence Schools enrolls students who not only excel academically but who also demonstrate strong values, a desire to learn, adaptability, curiosity and creativity.
English is the primary language of instruction and all applicants must demonstrate the potential of a grade- ppropriate level of English language proficiency.

Admission Requirements

As per MOE Regulations, AES requires the following documents to be handed to our registrar at the time of enrollment:

  • A transfer certificate from every child’s Previous school to facilitate placement.
  • Passport copy
  • Transcript from previous school (with official school stamp)
  • Medical information
  • Parent/Guardian info
  • A school profile (from previous school)
  • For students coming from outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the transfer certificate must be attested by:
    • The Ministry of Education
    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • The Jordanian Consulate/Embassy
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