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Our KG children live and work in their own very well-equipped building with its own grounds.  They are organized into many classes of about fourteen children each with a teacher and teacher assistant.  They spend whole days immersed in working in a bilingual environment, and also have the opportunities to work with ICT, music and PE specialists.


The KG English curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards but modified for AES own particular situation- Differentiation in input and delivery, standards, and assessment are a must in AES context, where students are exposed to English Language as a medium of instruction for the first time.   The Arabic curriculum is provided by the Ministry of Education but augmented with additional materials.

Elementary and Middle School

The Elementary and the Middle grades (G1 to 8) section of the school is guided by the principles and practices of the College and Career Readiness. The school is committed to fostering a community of learners which recognizes that each student already possesses a unique and wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and understandings about the world and their place within it. The school aims to build on each child’s strengths, identify areas for growth and development, and create a learning environment where all children feel safe, supported, and successful. 

All classrooms are based on an inquiry approach to learning in which students are active participants in the learning process and construct meaning and understanding through thoughtfully planned learning engagements. In addition to this constructivist approach to teaching and learning, teachers focus on developing conceptual understanding. Throughout their learning, students are asked to reflect and to be a part of the formative and summative assessment processes. Teachers consider assessment not just ‘of’ learning but also ‘for’ and ‘as’ learning. 

Teachers plan collaboratively using their online platforms the in order to ensure an inquiry-based approach to learning and one that addresses the five essential elements of the program. These five essential elements include: concepts, knowledge, attitudes, approaches to learning and action.

As part of the learning process, students are expected to collaborate and communicate effectively. Every teacher is regarded as a language teacher, no matter what their role is, and in addition, students new to English receive both pull out and push in support by specialist ESL teachers. Students make use of a range of firsthand resources such as field trips, practical work and guest speakers, as well as text and online resources based in the library and classrooms.

As a response necessitated by the covid-19 pandemic, AES adopted Pearson textbooks which enable students to have access to online and interactive versions of the textbooks. In addition, AES invested in an award-winning learning platform B12.


High School

The curriculum for AES follows the American Common Core State Standards with a clear intention to maintain academic rigor in order to provide the knowledge and skills required to be college and career ready. By achieving international benchmarks and utilizing the Common Core State Standards AES teaching methodology embeds character values and academic training to develop student competency as well as curiosity. All stakeholders review the curriculum annually and modifications are made to meet both standardized requirements as well as student needs. AES is committed to teaching and enforcing high-quality academic standards. It is the goal of the academic program at AES to encourage each student to reach his/her maximum learning potential in all subject areas. We will achieve this level of excellence by providing an instructional program that directly meets the needs of every student. AES have already developed a successful method in order to facilitate and reach our goals. The mission and vision of the school are closely connected to the curriculum; which is the American Common Core Standards. The AES will follow the American Common Core Curriculum, developed to ensure international benchmarks. The American Common Core Curriculum covers Mathematics and English Language Arts; the science standards to be used will be the Next Generation Science Standards (www.nextgenscience.org). The Next Generation Standards are based on the National Research Council and are internationally benchmarked. Therefore, all AES School students

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