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AES recognize that all students are uniquely talented. Within our exceptionally supportive community, students develop positive relationships and relish the opportunity to realize their individual potential to the full. Learning at AES is highly student-centered, engaging and inquiry based. Through a broad range of experiences in and beyond school, students become confident, optimistic, compassionate, and internationally minded young adults, ready to find their place in the world.

Cooperation: Builds relationship, enjoys team spirit, and works with classmates cooperatively.

Gratitude: Expresses thankfulness and gratefulness, Recognizes & appreciates other people.

Integrity: Adheres to moral & ethical principles. Enjoys sound moral character and exhibits honesty.

Mindfulness: Responds effectively to complex and difficult situations. Enjoys creativity and balanced character.

Respect: Shows admiration and treats classmates and teachers well.

Responsibility: Performs duties, tasks, and homework as assigned on time.  Accountable, trustworthy, and has good judgment.

Leadership: Shows leadership qualities, creates an inspiring vision, motivates, and inspires people to engage with that vision.

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